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Page naming conventions


Page names for this guide have so far followed this set of rules:

  • If exactly one order is covered on the page, use the name of the plant order with only the first letter capitalized (e.g. Fabales).
  • If two or three orders are covered on the page, use a list of the plant orders, with the first letter of each capitalized, comma and space delimited (e.g. Malvales, Capparales).
  • If more than three orders are covered on the page, use the first and last orders covered, separated by an ellipsis (the symbol "…", not just three dots, with no spaces, e.g. Equisetales…Salviniales).
  • If more than one page is required to cover the order, use the order name followed by an integer from one to the number of pages required to cover the order (e.g. Rosales 1).
  • If it's an index page, capitalize only the first word (first word of the item being indexed), and end the name with the word "index" (e.g. Poales genus index)


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