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Commercial Vegan SubstitutionsEdit

Region Soy Milk Rice Milk Almond Milk Oat Milk Hemp Milk
California (Southern) Organic Valley

Whole Foods private brand
Trader Joe's private brand
Soy Dream
WestSoy Soymilk
VitaSoy Soymilk
EdenSoy Soymilk

Rice Dream

Pacific Foods Rice Milk

Almond Breeze

Pacific Foods Almond Milk

Pacific Foods Oat Milk -
Region Butter Cheese Cream Cheese Yogurt Sour Cream
California (Southern) GFA Brands' Earth Balance, Soy Garden

Spectrum Naturals Spread, Omega-3 Spread

Follow Your Heart's Vegan Gourmet Cheese Alternative

Tofutti's Soy Cheese Slices
VeganRella 1
Galaxy Foods Singles, Parmesan2

Tofutti's Better than Cream Cheese Whole Soy

Wildwood SOYogurt

Tofutti's Sour Supreme

Tofutti's Better than Sour Cream

Region Mayonnaise Eggs Honey Buttermilk Cream/Coffee Creamer
California (Southern) Follow Your Heart's Veganaise


Ener-G Egg Replacer Agave Nectar:

Sweet Cactus Farms

- Cream:

Silk Creamer

Region Fish Sauce Worcestershire Sauce Broth & Bouillon - -
California (Southern) - Annie's Naturals Organic Country Bouillon Cubes - -
Region Tofu Tempeh Seitan TVP -
California (Southern) San Diego Soy Dairy

Wildwood Tofu
White Wave Tofu
Soy Deli Tofu
House Tofu

White Wave Tempeh

Lightlife Tempeh (several varieties)

White Wave Traditional Seitan often available in bulk, unbranded. -
Region Chicken Turkey Beef/Steak Ground Beef Duck
California (Southern) Follow Your Heart Chicken-free Chicken

Gardenburger Meatless BBQ Chicken
Lightlife Chick'n Strips
Now and Zen UnChicken
Health is Wealth Chicken-Free Nuggets, Buffalo Wings

Tofurkey Turkey Roast Lightlife Steak-style strips

Now and Zen UnSteak

Yves Ground Round

Lightlife's Gimme Lean Ground Beef Style and Smart Ground

Region Deli Slices (Ham) Deli Slices (Turkey) Deli Slices (Bologna) Deli Slices miscellaneous Pepperoni
California (Southern) Yves Ham

Lightlife Country Ham

Yves Turkey

Lightlife Roast Turkey
Tofurkey Turkey (in various varieties)

Lightlife Bologna

Yves Bologna

Tofurkey Italian Deli and "Philly Steak" varieties

Yves Salami Slices
Lightlife Pastrami

Yves Pepperoni

Lightlife Smart Deli Pepperoni
Vegi-Deli Pepperoni

Region Pork & Ham Fish Squid Shrimp Scallops
California (Southern) Now and Zen UnRibs

Gardenburger Meatless Riblets

- - - -
Region Chorizo Sausage Taco Meat Hot Dogs Crab
California (Southern) Soyrizo Tofurkey Sausages

Gimme Lean Sausage Style5
Yves Breakfast Patties
Breakfast Links:
Yves Veggie Breakfast Links

Soy Taco

Yves Ground Round Mexican

Yves' Veggie Dogs, Chili Dogs, Tofu Dogs3

Lightlife's Smart Dogs, Tofu Pups4

Region Bacon Horchata6 Ravioli/Tortellini Hamburger Patties Ice Cream
California (Southern) Yves' Veggie Bacon Strips, and Canadian Bacon

Lightlife's Fakin' Bacon (tempeh), and Smart Bacon

Imagine Foods Horchata Rising Moon Ravioli Boca Vegan Burgers 7

Tofurkey SuperBurgers
Wildwood Tofu-Veggie Burgers
Whole Foods 365 Vegan Veggie Burger 8

Soy Dream

Rice Dream
Whole Soy Frozen Soy Dessert
Tofutti Pints
Soy Delicious

Available in refrigerated varieties.
Available in non-hydrogenated varieties.
1 VeganRella's sister brands, TofuRella and AlmondRella contains casein. The Rella brands are all made on the same machinery, as noted in this mailing list post.
2 Most of Galaxy Foods' (SoyCo) products are not vegan and are probably made on the same machinery.
3 Yves also produces "Good Dogs" which contain butter.
4 Lightlife also produces "Smart Franks" which contain eggs.
5 A "ground" product which can be cut into patties.
6 Most horchata (especially powder-based ones sold at Mexican restaurants) contains dried milk or casein.
7 Most Boca products contain milk and eggs.
7 Other Whole Foods 365 burgers contain milk and cheese.