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Albanian cuisine consists of local dishes from around the country of Albania. Many of these dishes are typical of the Balkans and indeed the Mediterranean, but some are local specialties. The main meal of the Albanians is lunch and it is usually accompanied by a salad of fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, olives, olive oil, vinegar and salt.

Albanian dishesEdit


The desserts most common in Albania are made throughout the Balkans and are probably of Turkish or Arabic origin. Some of these include:

Soft drinksEdit

Mineral water is among the most preferred non-alcoholic drinks in Albania along with carbonated beverages. Some of these are produced locally and some are imported from abroad.

  • Carbonated and mineral waters
  • Milk
  • Various fruit juices and soft drinks

Alcoholic beveragesEdit

Alcoholic beverages are vastly consumed in Albania. Most of these are produced locally, and even by private citizens.

  • Beer (Birra Tirana and Birra Korca are local brands)
  • Brandy - the Albanian is brandy Skanderbeg and Vecchia
  • Raki
  • Red and white wines

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