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Ice cream is a type of frozen dairy-based dessert. As a general category, it can also include a variety of dairy-based and dairy-free frozen desserts.

Composition edit

Basic ice cream, as the term is used in English, is typically composed of a mixture of milk and cream, with added sweetener(s) and flavorings. It may also contain additional ingredients swirled into the mixture for added flavor and texture, as well as various gums and stabilizers to affect texture and mouthfeel.

Production edit

To produce ice cream, the sweetened dairy mixture must be frozen while being agitated. This agitation prevents the formation of large undesirable ice crystals, as well as aerates the mixture to produce a softer texture. Ice cream can be made at home using one of a variety of commercially-available ice cream makers.

Similar frozen desserts edit

Sorbet is a frozen dessert, usually made from a fruit juice or purée, containing no dairy and low fat.

Sherbet is similar to sorbet, with the addition of a small amount of dairy for a creamier texture.

Soft serve is a variety of ice cream with a high air content, typically extruded from a nozzle and served in a swirl. It is rarely commercially available in supermarkets, instead being sold by specialized vendors.

Frozen yogurt is ice cream, where a significant proportion of the milk and cream are replaced with yogurt. As a result, it has a tangier flavor.

Frozen custard is similar to traditional ice cream, with the addition of eggs that are cooked with the milk and cream to form a custard. This custard is then flavored and frozen.

Kulfi is a South Asian frozen dessert, sometimes also referred to as "Indian ice cream". It is made from milk that has been reduced, and it is not agitated like most ice creams. As a result, it is richer and denser.

Gelato is an Italian frozen dessert. It has less fat and less incorporated air than ice cream.

Uses and derivations edit

Vanilla ice cream is often served with a variety of other desserts, such as pies, brownies, and various warm desserts. Ice cream is also a key component of other desserts, like ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes, and baked alaskas.

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