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Various types of equipment are used in a kitchen. One of the Wikibooks Cookbook's goals is to have an article on each, including uses, alternative equipment if you don't have the exact item, and a buying guide.

Types edit

Hand tools edit

Kitchen hand tools are small, hand held tools that aid in cutting, slicing, stirring, combining, moving and serving. They usually have no or very few moving parts. Hand tools should be selected for sturdiness, durability and safety. The list of hand tools used in the kitchen is seemingly endless. Stick to the what you need for the kind of cooking you do. Add new ones carefully to avoid a drawer full of tools you don't need. "Time saving gadgets" are usually single purpose tools whose cost far exceeds their usefulness. For example, a mandolin is very useful if you slice a lot of vegetable frequently or you have a need for uniform slices for appearance, however, the time getting it out, setting it up and cleaning after use is not time very well spent if you are making a single salad.

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Cookware and bakeware edit

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