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Traditional Swedish Food edit

Traditional Swedish food includes:

  • Biff à la Lindström (Beef made of ground/minced meat with chopped red beets

and caper)

  • Blodpudding (Black pudding)
  • Dillkött (Cooked meat with Dill)
  • Falukorv (Sausage from Falun (Korv means Sausage))
  • Fläsklägg med rotmos (Pork with mashed turnips)
  • Gravad lax (Cured and salted salmon)
  • Isterband (Sausage made of pork and potatoes)
  • Janssons frestelse (Potato Gratin with onions, sprats and cream.)
  • Julbord (Christmas Smorgasbord)
  • Julskinka (Christmas ham (Grilled with a coating of egg and breadcrumbs))
  • Köttbullar (Swedish Meatballs)
  • Kroppkakor (Boiled potato dumplings filled with pork.)
  • Kåldolmar (Cabbage rolls)
  • Kålsoppa (Cabbage soup)
  • Köttsoppa (Beef soup)
  • Lutfisk (Stockfish)
  • Inlagd sill (Herring pickled in salt, vinegar and spices.)
  • Pannkakor (Swedish pancakes)
  • Pölsa (Hash)
  • Raggmunk (Potato pancakes)
  • Stekt fläsk och bruna bönor (Fried pork and brown beans)
  • Pyttipanna (Mixture of fried potato, onion and meat)
  • Sill (Herring)
  • Smörgåsbord (Smorgasbord)
  • Smörgåstårta (Sandwich cake)
  • Strömming (Baltic herring)
  • Surströmming (Fermented Baltic Herring)
  • Våfflor (Waffles) (Often served with jam and ice cream or whipped cream.)
  • Wallenbergare (ground veal steak mixed with cream and egg yolk, served with potato puré, butter and lingonberry.)
  • Ärtsoppa (Pea soup)

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