Cookbook:Cuisine of the Philippines

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  • Adobo – Meat commonly stewed in condiments, such as vinegar and soy sauce (mostly), garlic, onions and black pepper.
  • Binagoongan – Meat (mostly pork) sauteed in fermented shrimp paste and spices.
  • Chicken Lumpia – Chicken fried rolls.
  • Chicken Sopas – Chicken macaroni soup with milk.
  • Dinuguan – Anything stewed with blood.
  • Kare-Kare – Oxtail and vegetables in peanut sauce
  • Lechon Paksiw – Roast pork in tart liver sauce.
  • Lumpia Shanghai – Filipino version of fried rolls, despite having a name from Chinese.
  • Nilagang Baka – Philippine Beef Stew. Beef boiled for a long duration, added with vegetables.
  • Pinakbet – Ilocos-style sautéed vegetables
  • Sinigang – A soup dish with pleasant savory-sour and a hint of sweet taste.
  • Sisig – A dish made of minced skin or meat (especially pork), chopped spices, and acid fruit. Served mostly on a sizzling plate, with fresh egg placed on the center.