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These are books that are suggested to be merged with another book.

Use {{merge}}, {{mergeto}} and {{mergefrom}}.

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  1. MySQL/Print version
  2. Calculus
  3. Calculus Course
  4. Logic for Computer Scientists
  5. Logic for Computer Science
  6. Principles of Microeconomics
  7. Microeconomics
  8. How Wikipedia Works/Printable version
  9. PHP Programming/Print version
  10. PHP Programming/formatting notes
  1. Cryptography/Print version
  2. Digital Electronics/Printable version
  3. Electronics/Print Version
  4. Oracle Database/Print version
  5. MySQL/Print version
  6. C Programming/Print version
  7. Using Wikibooks/Print version
  8. PHP Programming/Print version
  9. Statistics/Print version
  10. Windows: An Overview

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