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A Guide to Bees, Beekeeping and Associated Practices

Beekeeping is being designed as an all-purpose broad scope reference book pertaining to apiculture, including information regarding bees, beekeeping and associated practices. Although Beekeeping is being written with the initial intent in aiding hobbyist, it is a growing resource that could also aid commercial beekeepers similarly. This Wiki book however, is not being written in a completely linear manner. Because of the writing style of this book, through the act of simply reading it chapter-by-chapter content will be lost. Reading in this manner should still prove to be worthwhile, but more topics and greater depth may be uncovered by following links within the text. Much like other Wiki based texts, Beekeeping is dependent on the collaborative effort of the community. If you have read your fill of this book and have some extra information that you can add, we request you do so, but before submitting please visit the Editing Guidelines and Information page.

An Introduction to Beekeeping

Types of Bees

Hives for honeybees

Tools and Equipment

First Steps with Bees

Hive Management

Hive Products

Special Practices

Disease and Pests

Plants for Bees

Special Interest


Acknowledgments and Book Information