Beekeeping/Spring Management

About March or April[1] (depending on your location and the weather), you can begin to work your hives again. Make a habit of noticing the nectar sources in your area and keep an eye out for one of those glorious spring days when the sun is shining and the temperature is 55F or more. If you've never opened a hive before check out the Opening a Hive for the First Time page.

Early Spring

  • Scrape bottom board of dead bees & other junk
  • Replace entrance reducer (this will help weaker hives protect their limited honey stores)
  • Check for evidence of laying queen
  • Check for Capped Honey. If you find none, feed the bees sugar syrup using a feeder immediately. With no honey flow and brood being raised, a hive will consume 10 pounds of syrup per week.
  • Check for pollen, the protein source needed for rearing brood.


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