Beekeeping could not be made possible if not for the help of its contributors. The following is a list of all of this projects authors. If you have added or modified Beekeeping please take pride in your submission and add your name.

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Individuals edit

In order of first Submission

  • Robert Engelhardt (Artic) – Began the project, and hopes to see it through to its success. Robert is a first year beekeeper, and many year bee admire.
  • EuropracBHIT is half-frightened, half-fascinated with the sociality of bees, which is why she contributed to the Phobias section of Beekeeping. She also knows something of the medical use of bees and honey, and is fascinated with beekeeping books especially for children and young teenagers.
  • Cosmo Prindle - Inspired by his own Spring Management homework, he contributed!
  • Matthew Richardson - Beekeeper in Central Scotland, keeping bees for 5 years, with some academic involvement (research and teaching).
  • Wyoham - A long dormant hobbyist with a legacy in moderately sized commercial beekeeping. Located in central Wyoming. Bit of a geek.

End Note edit

The information within this book comes from many sources. If you have become aware that a source was used but is for some reason missing from our list please add it.