Beekeeping/Varieties of Honey

There exist greater than 300 different distinct types of honey. Flavor, aroma and color of a honey can differ substantially based on the flowers that nectar was collected from. Honey flavors range from slight hints of sweetness to great bounds of distinct flavor, its flavors similarly can run the gambit of being a clear as water to a deep dark brown. There exist as many flavors of honey in the world as exists combinations of blossoms in bloom at the same time. The following is simply a sampling of some of the more popular or more common honey varieties. If you wish to obtain one or more of these varieties of honey the National Honey Board provides a free of charge listings of distributors for many varieties.

Warning: Honey should not be fed to infants under the age of 1 or to people with sever immune system deficiencies. This is due to possibility of botulism spores being present. This level of botulism will have no ill effect on a healthy person.



Alfalfa honey has a sweet mild flavor with a scent similar to bees wax. The honey ranges from a near clear to a light amber color. Alfalfa is an important honey crop in the western United States.

Apple Blossom

Blooming Apple Tree

Apple blossom honey is a light golden in color and may have a hint of apple in scent. Apple blossoms are an important source of honey during the spring in the northern and central US.


Dandelion Patch

Often considered a weed plant, the dandelion is one of the first nectar sources available to the bees during the new spring. The honey created from this flower reportedly has a strong taste and an unmistakable flowery scent.

Fire Weed


Fireweed produces a honey that is nearly crystal clear. It’s the combination of its sweet and mild flavor alongside its color makes it a popular variety.



Found only in New Zealand’s coastal areas, Manuka produces nectar that is turned to honey that reportedly has more medical uses than most honeys. Manuka honey is noted for treatment of a sore throat and aiding in the healing of wounds.

Orange Blossom


A popular honey variety that is harvested in Florida, Texas, California and Arizona with in the US. Orange blossom honey is an light amber with a distinctive flavor and the scent of an orange blossom. Other than United States, Orange Blossom Honey from Pakistan, is also very popular for its citrus taste.

White Dutch Clover


This stemless flower producer is one of the leading honey crops in the US. The honey produced from the White Dutch Clover has a sweet flowery flavor and a pleasant mild taste.



Wildflower honey is created from nonspecific nectar sources. It is made during a time and area when multiple varieties of nectar bearing flowers are in bloom. Depending on the time of year and the location gathered, wildflower honey can be drastically different in flavor color and aroma.