Beekeeping/Bee Brush

A bee brush is a soft bristled brush that can be used to gently, and harmlessly, remove bees from a surface. The bee brush is best used in small scale to move fewer bees per session, if the desired goal is to move bees quickly, in quantity the bee blower may be the proper tool. Bee brushes are made with long, soft, non-ridged bristles, which are gentle enough for moving bees off of delicate comb and firm enough to remove bees from old frames, equipment or the beekeeper. When used properly, a bee brush will not injure bees.

A Bee Brush

Usage Edit

To remove bees from a surface, carefully and quickly brush the bee brush perpendicular from the surface to be cleaned. Do not press too hard, especially on open brood cells and open honey cells, as you may either injure brood or make a mess of the honey.

Bee brushes may be used to clear honeycomb of bees, so to harvest the honey, however this may be a time consuming and difficult task. If the intention is to remove bees quickly from the honey super there exist sever options including use of a bee blower, a fume board, or a bee escape.

Selecting a Bee Brush Edit

Though useful, some beekeepers stay clear of a ready-made brush, and use a clump of grass, leaves or large feathers. Despite the bee brush’s many available competitors, having a ready to use bee brush at an instants notice is indispensable.

Buying a Brush Edit

Don't be tempted to purchase other generic brushes to be used as a bee brush. Bee brushes are made with very soft bristles so as not to harm bees. Know the approximate firmness of a brush before purchasing one.

Maintenance Edit

  • Occasionally a bee brush will come in to contact with honey or propolis, in such a case it is advised to clean it with warm water and a gentile detergent, such as Dawn, if necessary.