Python Programming (PG131)

Introduction,IDE, First Program, Course Material

Know how to work with Google Hangout Hide your video Open Google chat, read and send messages Share/un-share your screen Mute/unmute your microphone

No knowledge of programming/coding required

You must be using a Computer to join this course. You cannot learn it via Mobile or Tablet.

Know how to use Google Drive Course presentation/python code-files will be shared on Google Drive

You should have good internet connectivity

You should be in a quiet room

Programming skills progression The 12 week Course Content Variables and Types

Basic Operators
String Formatting
Basic String Operations
Classes and Objects
Dictionaries and Tuples
Modules and Packages
File Input/Output

What is Python? Python is a computer programming language.

Python Logo

Fascinating facts about Python Guido Van Rossum created Python Python is named after a 1970s British TV series Python is an official language at Google

Python was used to build Spotify, instagram and youtube