Linux Audio: A Guide For Beginner and Beyond

Foreword edit

About This Book
A Word From the Contributors

For the Beginner edit

Get a basic sound-enabled system up and running
First Things First  
Choosing A Distribution

Linux Sound Systems and Terminology edit

Sound Support History  
Basic block for sound support, "Safe ALSA" standard
For the Pro-Audio-Minded User  
The JACK Audio Connection Kit

Usage Scenarios edit

Linux DAW - Digital Audio Workstation  
Using linux as an audio workstation for sound and music: system setup, software, hardware, MIDI and optimizing for low-latency.
Video Synchronization  
Audio aspect related to video creation and editting: hardware differences, synchronization, format conversion, and media authoring.
WEB Audio  
Making rich media content for web: web-based formats, tools, optimizations and streaming.
Game Audio  
Playing games: system settings, peripheral devices, surround sound output and wine compatibility.

Audio Programming in Linux edit

Linux Audio API  
How to develop sound-enabled software: introduction to libraries and techniques with examples.
List of Dependencies and Compiling Tips
Development prerequisites and requirements

Glossary edit

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