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Different ways of looking at electronics.

  1. Timeline
  2. Introduction: The saga
  1. Early days: Early developments
  2. Academics: E&M experiments
  1. Electricity: Dynamos, motors, and AC power distribution.
  2. Energy Sources: how to power everything
  1. Broadcasting: Radio and TV
  2. Radio Astronomy: Looking at the solar system and the universe
  1. Computers: Computers


Chronological edit

Year Event

Greeks decide to name electricity after 'amber'


Maxwell's equations predict the existence of electromagnetic waves.

Tesla and ball lightning

Discovery edit

Discovery Description
Ball lightning

Ball lightning is a mysterious phenomenon, first documented by the Greeks.


A filament that glows due to ohmic heating (electron flow causes friction - heat - which causes the filament to glow white hot)

Morse Code

A method of communicating by pulses

Famous people and their contributions edit

Person Description/Inventions

Theory of electromagnetism ("electrodynamics")


Telephone, Telephone network

De Forest Triode vacuum tube used for detection, amplification, and oscillation

DC power distribution, light bulb, phonograph, Edison Effect: thermionic emission

Faraday Electric motor, electric generator, electromagnetic induction, laws of electrolysis, diamagnetism
Fleming Vacuum tube diode, based on thermionic emission, used as detector or rectifier
Henry Self inductance, mutual inductance, electric relay
Hertz Experimental testing of Maxwell's equations by sending and detecting electromagnetic radiation. Also photoelectric effect
Joule Found the relationship between the flow of current through a resistance and the heat dissipated, now called Joule's law.
Kilby, Noyce Integrated circuit

Practical wireless telegraphy


Electromagnetic wave equations

Morse Practical telegraph

Electrical current theory, "Ohm's Law:" R=V/I

Ørsted Electromagnetism: electric current produces magnetic field
Shockley, Bardeen and Brattain Transistor
Tesla Alternating current induction motor, polyphase electric transmission,Tesla coil for high frequency , high voltage electric fields, wireless remote control, wireless transmission of electromagnetic energy.