Number Theory/Irrational, Rational, Algebraic, And Transcendental Numbers

Rational numbers can be expressed as the ratio of two integers p and q 0 expressed as p/q. In set notation: { p/q: p,q q 0 }

Irrational numbers are those real numbers contained in but not in , where denotes the set of real numbers. In set notation: { x: x , x }

Algebraic numbers, sometimes denoted by , are those numbers which are roots of an algebraic equation with integer coefficients (an equivalent formulation using rational coefficients exists). In math terms: { x: anxn + an-1xn-1 + an-2xn-2 + ... + a1x1 + a0 = 0, x , a0,...,an }

Transcendental numbers are those numbers which are Real () , but are not Algebraic (). In set notation: { x: x , x }