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Squids are cephalopods, related to octopuses. The Italian word for squid, calamari, is often used to refer to squid in a food context. Calamari can be bought at any sea food corner shop or fresh sea food seller.

It is common to sell the mantle (the hollow, conical-shaped swimming organ) alone, fresh or frozen. Squid are typically white, at least by the time of sale. The swimming organ may be stuffed whole or sliced into rings. The tentacles and legs are also edible.

Ways to serve squid include:

  • Deep-fat fried in beer batter, plain batter or even crumbed (rings and legs)
  • Grilled with or without butter/oil
  • Stir-fried
  • In an Italian dish, braised with tomato sauce
  • Stuffed with vegetables or spices
  • Skewered with wood or bamboo and grilled over flames while brushed with teriyaki sauce