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Cooking spray is cooking oil in a spray can, sometimes with additives.

Characteristics edit

Canola oil is the most common type of oil used, but other neutral oils and even olive or coconut oil can be used.[1][2] The oil is thinned with water and an emulsifier, and the can is pressurized with a propellant gas.[1][2] In some varieties, a flavoring (like butter flavor) may be added.[1] In baking spray, the mixture includes flour as well.[3] The combination of thinning and spray capacity allow the cook to apply a thinner layer of oil than is possible than in other methods.[1][2]

Selection and storage edit

Make sure to choose the correct variety of spray for your application. Baking spray should not be used on the stovetop, since the flour can scorch and burn over direct heat.[3] Store the spray can away from any heat sources, as heat is dangerous for pressurized, flammable canisters like this.

Use edit

Cooking spray is used for low-oil cooking, as well as coating other surfaces to make them non-stick. For example, spraying utensils with it makes sticky materials stick less.[1] Baking spray is preferred for cake pans and molds, since the flour adds a secondary non-stick material to prevent sticking of the cake to the pan.[3]

Note that when used on nonstick cookware, cooking spray can cause a residual buildup that can be difficult to clean.[1]

Substitution edit

Regular oil can be substituted equivalently for cooking spray, and a brush or paper towel can help apply a thin coating.[1] To make a baking spray facsimile, combine equal volumes of oil and all-purpose flour, and brush it onto the pan surface.[3]

Recipes edit

References edit

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