Cookbook:Brown Rice with Ground Turkey

Brown Rice with Ground Turkey
CategoryTurkey recipes
Energy280 Cal
Time30 minutes

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  1. Spray skillet with cooking spray, and sprinkle in garlic powder and other seasonings. Add turkey, and crumble it as it cooks. Add tomatoes, and mix with turkey until turkey is cooked.
  2. Add cooking oil to a wok or deep skillet. Add 1 teaspoon allspice and/or other seasonings.
  3. As pan heats slowly add cooked rice (watch for splattering of hot oil). When rice is heated evenly add teriyaki sauce, and mix it evenly.
  4. When ground turkey is done cooking add it to rice in wok, mix it thoroughly, and serve.

Nutritional information

  • Carbohydrates per serving: 21.5 g
  • Sugar per serving: 2.5 g
  • Protein per serving: 35.25 g
  • Cholesterol per serving: 56.25Zmg