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Allspice, also called Jamaica pepper and sometimes pimento, is the unripe berry of the Pimienta dioica tree.[1] It is dried and used as a seasoning in various cuisines. Its name comes from its flavor, which is reminiscent of many spices.

Characteristics edit

Allspice berries are small, round, and brown when dried—similar in appearance to peppercorns. Their flavor profile comes largely from eugenol, which give similarity to cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.[2] Most of the flavor is in the seed husk.[3]

Use edit

Allspice is the primary spice in Jamaican jerk spice. It goes well with other spices containing eugenol (cinnamon and nutmeg), cineole (cardamom), phellandrene (pepper and star anise), and linalool (coriander).[3]

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References edit

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