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Hot Sauce

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Hot sauce or pepper sauce is a spicy condiment made primarily from ground chile peppers, with other flavorings added. It is a distinct sub-type of chili sauce, and the English term "hot sauce" generally refers to this specific family of chili sauces found in the Americas.

Types edit

Louisiana-style edit

Louisiana-style hot sauce is bright red and acidic, and it usually undergoes a period of fermentation. The longer the sauce ferments, the more complex its flavor profile. It may also feature other flavors and aromatics, such as garlic. Common brands include Tabasco, Texas Pete, and Frank's RedHot.

New Mexican edit

New Mexican hot sauces are either red or green and typically thickened with flour. They often also contain a meaty broth and no vinegar.

Picante edit

Mexican picante hot sauces frequently use a variety of smoked chilis and very little vinegar. Popular brands include Cholula and Valentina.

Caribbean pepper sauce edit

Hot sauces are generally referred to as pepper sauces in the Caribbean, where Scotch bonnet peppers are frequently used. They are very hot and often somewhat vinegary. Some, like those from the Virgin Islands, include mustard as an ingredient.

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