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These books are about halfway done, with additional pages still to be created and completed.

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Pages in category "Half-finished books"

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  1. UFO and Space: 1999
  2. Tarot Card Reading
  3. Feng Shui
  4. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  5. Snakes of Europe
  6. OMS Manual
  7. Communication Skills Development
  8. Women's Writing Before Woolf: A Social Reference
  9. IB Cultural Anthropology
  10. ACE+TAO Opensource Programming Notes
  1. Oracle Database
  2. The Linux Kernel
  3. Indonesian
  4. National Etiquette Differences in Europe
  5. Feng Shui
  6. UFO and Space: 1999
  7. Tarot Card Reading
  8. Pragmalinguistic Peculiarities of English Slogan in Fashion Domain
  9. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  10. Snakes of Europe

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