Trainz: A Comprehensive Guide edit

A Brief Overview of Trainz edit

   Things You Can Do In Trainz - Explore the various activities available in Trainz (Updated: July 19, 2013)
   Versions Of Trainz - Information on different versions of Trainz, including the latest TRS22 and Trainz Plus (Updated: July 19, 2013)

Getting Started with Trainz edit

Installation Process edit

   Hardware Requirements - Understanding the hardware requirements for Trainz (Updated: May 20, 2013)
   Installation Under Microsoft Windows - Steps to install Trainz on Windows platforms (Updated: May 20, 2013)
   Using Wide Screen Monitors - Tips for optimizing Trainz on wide-screen monitors (Updated: May 20, 2013)
   Installing Service Packs - Guide to installing updates and service packs for Trainz (Updated: May 20, 2013)
   Trainzoptions.txt - Configuring Trainz options through text file editing (Updated: May 20, 2013)
   Virtual Railroad Magazine - A resource for Trainz enthusiasts (Updated: July 19, 2013)

Essential Tips for Beginners edit

   Essential Hints - Basic do's and don'ts for new Trainz users (Updated: July 19, 2013)

Helpful Tips and Tricks edit

   Tips And Tricks - Useful advice for new Trainz users
   TS2010EE - Insights into Trainz 2010: Engineer's Edition
   TRS2012WBE - Exploring Trainz 2012: World Builder Edition

Driver Mode in Trainz edit

Explore the Driver mode in Trainz, where you can operate virtual trains on various routes.

   Basics - Fundamentals of train operation in Trainz (Updated: February 19, 2008)
   Driving Steam Engines - How to operate steam locomotives (Updated: February 19, 2008)
   Driving Diesel Engines - Guidelines for operating diesel locomotives (Updated: February 19, 2008)
   Industries and Products - Understanding industries and their products in Trainz (Updated: February 19, 2008)
   Driver Mode Keyboard Shortcuts - Key shortcuts to enhance your Trainz driving experience (Updated: February 19, 2008)

Surveyor Mode in Trainz edit

Surveyor mode allows you to create and customize virtual railroads.

   Fundamentals - Basic concepts of world-building in Trainz (Updated: February 19, 2008)
   Advanced - Advanced techniques like gradients, junctions, and track marks (Updated: February 19, 2008)
   Notional Railways - Creating fictional railroads in Trainz (Updated: February 19, 2008)
   Prototype Railways - Modeling real-world railroads in Trainz (Updated: February 19, 2008)
   Signalling - Understanding signaling systems in Trainz (Updated: February 19, 2008)
   Surveyor Mode Keyboard Shortcuts - Useful hotkeys for the Surveyor mode (Updated: February 19, 2008)

Asset Management in Trainz edit

Learn how to effectively manage your Trainz assets, a crucial aspect as your collection grows.

For a comprehensive introduction to Trainz assets, visit the first chapter on this topic.

Main Asset Management TOC: Trainz/AM&C

Explore detailed asset management topics including downloading, organizing, and fixing assets.

Creating Assets in Trainz edit

Delve into the creative side of Trainz by learning how to develop your own assets.

Upcoming reorganization into multiple divisions...

Soon, in-depth content on intermediate and advanced Trainz topics will be available in the new division: Trainz Asset Management & Creation. Other materials will be moved to references, and older content will be kept in the Appendices.

Discover the rewarding process of creating content for Trainz, using tools like 3D modeling software.

Scripting in Trainz edit

Scripting adds flexibility and interactivity to Trainz assets, using the TrainzScript language.

Additional Trainz Information edit

   Taking Screenshots - How to capture screenshots in Trainz
   Taking Videos - Guidelines for recording videos in Trainz
   Using the Trainz Discussions Forums - Navigating and utilizing the Trainz forums
   Rendering - Understanding rendering in Trainz

Additional Resources edit

   Appendixes - Supplementary materials for Trainz
   Version And Build Numbers - Details on different Trainz versions and builds
   Setting Run-Time Options - Configuring Trainz settings
   File Types (File Extensions) - Understanding different file types in Trainz
   Performance Hints - Tips to optimize Trainz performance
   Glossary - Trainz terminology explained
   Index - Comprehensive index of Trainz topics
   External Links - Useful resources for Trainz users, including fansites, tutorials, and enthusiast pages

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