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Main article/reference: Trainzoptions.txt

Trainzoptions.txt (or TrainzClassicsOptions.txt in 3 TC releases) is a customization file to, in part, (now, formerly the only way) synchronize your computer hardware to the game engine rendering and GUI display logic. Many TRS2006 necessity features have been moved into Trainz Options menus since TS09 came out.

This is the basic Trainzoptions.txt
as installed for TS2009 (TS10 and TS12 vary only a little)


  1. One obvious difference to us used to prior releases is the lack of monitor height and width parameters as have been retained in the composite adapted fuller file below.
  2. fov parammers alter the one-size fits all to better fit user needs; both change the viewing angle to a wider view—at the cost (tradeoff) of loosing some up close and nearby resolution.
  3. The remaining parameters above ought be kept as Trainz installs itself.
  4. '//' means the line is commented as is common in many programming languages.
  5. vsynch and showcachebar have been moved into options and done away with respectively.
  6. -allownoctrlrightclick allows a speedy convenient RMBh on an asset in Driver, most often used to check stocks present in an interactive industry or rail car load status. On an Loco, the query tool reports the weight of the whole consist (train) and cargo.
  7. -freeintcam — Has effect in Driver of giving user ability to "offset" (seemingly move) one of the interior camera attachment points.
    1. This Driver module enhancement is most useful in Loco Cabs with bad visibility from the Cabin; one can put one's head out a window or push forward and see over the engine's hood.
  8. -showkuids — This Surveyor module enhancement will be visible throughout many surveyor tools screenshots. It displays the asset's kuid when getting any placed asset or selecting a new one in the selection menu. Very handy for learning the toys of someone else's route you're exploring for your own knowledge and edification.


This is an augmented 'extra features'
and modified features Trainzoptions.txt used on the same laptop and adapted from the version in long use under TRS2006.
  • The only absolutely "don't want to do without that" longterm parameters are: -allownoctrlrightclick, -freeintcam, -showkuids and a lack of each of those can be tolerated for short periods (perhaps, without suffering withdrawal symptoms):

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