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Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition is the first Trainz fully developed with significant changes by N3V Games. It introduced a new data model and imposed stricter fault testing standards for assets. It was actually co-developed along with TS2010, when the full panoply of promised improvements proved too tough a nut to crack in the time period allowed, so served as a bridge version, incorporating important and useful technology changes, such as allowing Trainz to exploit the newer multi-core CPU's (when present) yet initially falling short of the eventual capabilities of the eventual TS2010-SP4; such that even up to service pack 3, it was sort of a superior TRS2006 with a different skin. TS2009 also had a fourth service pack, and excepting the two Beta trial hotfixes available only on TS2010[note 2], the 'base' twin and final fourth service packs have the same technology built-in, but TS2010 has more built-in content[2]

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TS09, TS2009, or Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition's Driver menu, by whatever name. * TS2009's Driver menu is styled as a recognizable variant of that introduced in Trainz UTC. This version has no scenarios installed, so the Scenario button is missing (compare to TRS2004's for example) with it's similar layout that went a decade with little in major changes to the look-see-and-feel of the menus. TS2010 and all other N3V menu's after have a very different layout.
Also Trainz Simulator 2009[1], aka 'Trainz Simulator 2009: WBE', aka TS2009 and aka TS09[note 1]

Publisher and Requirements

Product Information[4]

Developer: N3V Games[4] Publisher: N3V Games[4] Release Date: 1st July 2008[4]

Minimum Specification[4]

OS: Windows XP SP3[4] Memory: 1GB[4] Graphics: 64 MB 3D Graphics Card[4] Processor: Pentium 4 - 2.2Ghz[4] Hard Drive: 3GB Free Space[4]    

Notes, Footnotes & References


Config.txt files are endemic and ever present in Trainz assets, for no asset can be defined without this type of Computer Science 'container'. The keyword-value_of_key pairing must always be kept in mind in editing or creating Trainz content. The TrainzBaseSpec (TBS) contains values and containers which are most common in asset specifications defining config.txt files. These days, most every parameter in the TBS is mandantory one way or another, and a smattering of keywords-once-legal-in-yesteryears are now illegal outside of low trainz-build values.

Among those key TBS parameters, the absolute King is the Kinds Line (statement), for it defines the major processing and the other data types, parameters, and variables that must be specified, defined (put together) properly for a model of that type to successfully manifest and work inside a Trainz World. Next in importance (The Queen) is the KUID, which is the handle the software uses to do software things with, while a poor third is the username—quite apropos, we humans relate better to those, than a code like a kuid—it's just the software which doesn't need them!  


  1. If the reader gets the impression that the folks on the Trainz Forums tend to abbreviate and speak in Jargon, you would be correct!
  2. Aero-Trainz and Multi-player



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     • The first four of eight JA files in TS2010 are 15-25% larger, mainly due to internationalization translations, but are the same JA's as the (only) four in TS2009. These in fact were a re-release of upgraded TRS2006 and the TC1&2 spin-off, including European routes not part of either North American release.
     • The remaining four JA's in TS2010 are the all new content, excepting the updated TC3 content which was also in the last four JA files of TS10.
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