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Main Data Types (KINDS)

The TOC for Containers and subcontainer topic pages is at containers.

All the below Child Classes are considered to have the TrainzBaseSpec (TrainzBaseSpec) as their Parent Class of data.

This list is 'wikified' on the N3V TrainzOnline Wiki, meaning the first letter has been capitalized after the word 'KIND', whereas actual data tag names in config.txt files are all lower case text.
  • Here on the Wikibook, we are making our articles faithful in case to the actual keyword's case, that is lowercase, no capitalization. That wiki also uses double quotes in quite a few terms, a practice which we'll spare you from experiencing herein. This eases searching for terms and lessens confusion.
  • The column evaluations, Importance and Frequency are blended evaluations weighted for the new Trainzer faced with the necessity of fixing assets to expand on Built-In assets and tap into the hundreds of thousands of Trainz assets available on the over 500 fan sites and the Trainz Download Station websites.
  • The numeric weighted evaluation columns are explained below the following table.


TrainzBaseSpec Child Class KINDs (type asset groups)
## Imp Freq Kinds Type
01   0     01    kind achievement-category [1]
02   0     01    kind achievement-group [2]
03   0     01    kind activity [3] - undef'd
04   0     01    kind asset-group [4]
05   0     01    kind behavior [5]
06   5     01    kind bogey [6]
07   7     01    kind buildable [7]
08   1     01    kind controlset [8]
09   9     01    kind consist - undef'd
10   5     01    kind drivercharacter [9]
11   3     01    kind drivercommand [10]
12   9     01    kind engine [11][1]
13   7     01    kind enginesound [12]
14   2     01    kind environment [13]
15   4     01    kind fixedtrack [14]
16   0     01    kind gameplaymenu [15]
17   2     01    kind groundbrush [16] - undef'd
18   4     01    kind groundtexture [17]
19   5     01    kind hornsound [18]
20   8     01    kind html-asset [19]
21   9     01    kind industry [20]
22   3     01    kind interior [21]
23   8     01    kind library [22]
24   3     01    class library [23]
25   7     01    kind map [24]
## Imp Freq Kinds Type
26   7     01    kind mesh [25]
27   5     01    kind module [26] - undef'd
28   9     07    kind mocrossing [27]
29   7     07    kind mojunction [28]
30   7     07    kind mosignal [29]
31   5     06    kind mospeedboard [30]
32   5     01    kind pantograph [31]
33   9     06    kind product [32]
34   7     06    kind product-category [33]
35   9     09    kind profile [34]
36   5     03    kind region [35]
37   5     01    kind scenariobehavior [36] - undef'd
38   9     10    kind scenery [37]
39   7     07    kind scenery-trackside [38]
40   8     08    kind scenerywithtrack [39]
41   5     01    kind servlet [40]
42   7     01    kind steam-engine [41]
43   4     02    kind texture [42]
44   1     01    kind texture-group [43]
45   9     10    kind track [44]
46  10     10    kind trainzbasespec [45]
47   1     03    kind tracksound [46]
48   9     10    kind traincar [47]
49   3     03    kind turntable [48]
50   2     01    kind water2 [49]
  1. The higher the IMP figure (rated 0-10) the earlier a user should become familiar with the KIND. Part of the adjustment/rating is how often said KIND will be found as the subject of faulty content. Conversely, the lower the factor, the more specialized knowledge of it becomes, making it most important only to those doing advanced content creation. Such low numbers are both less frequent generally and less troublesome to those trying to use older content—which will always have utility off the tracks a few dozens of feet where less detail is tolerable and high definition is unneeded and indeed likely to have an adverse impact on framerates and rendering.
  2. The frequency factor (range:0–9 is directly determined by the experience from fixing over 2,000 faulty assets of what KINDs one most often sees with faults which need correction.
  3. The hyperlink in square braces (e.g. [14]) following each internal link accesses directly the matching page of the N3V Wiki enabling easy comparison and checks for updates. In general, the page topic herein will have better examples and a more robust explanations and background knowledge.


References TOC

General knowledge topics and appendices index
 R   S   E   Page title as Link   Comments
 R            ACS Text Format     Explains what is and is not allowed in Trainz string data.
     E   T    category-class tag    
     E        category-region tag    
              tbdl name    
              code build number     The unique Software build identifying precisely which release version, Service Packs, and other software updates are installed on a computer install.
              tbdl name    
              Containers     About Trainz Containers and TOC to such.
              Hotkeys,CM&CMP    Beginners cheat sheet — Lists Hotkeys active in Content Manager (CM).
              Hotkeys,Drivers    Beginners cheat sheet — Lists Hotkeys active in Trainz Driver.
              HKeys-SUR    Beginners cheat sheet — Lists Hotkeys active in Trainz Surveyor.
              Hotkeys,Drivers    Beginners cheat sheet — Lists Hotkeys active in Trainz Driver
              HKeys-WIN     Lists standard Windows Hotkeys active in Trainz editing, data manipulation and file management.
              tbdl name    
 T            kinds     All the many KIND types directory and exposition
              File types     Listing Article listing Trainz's file types, their extensions, and scope.
              tbdl name    
              Glossary     Comprehensive brief term definitions and reminders ; use {{TG}} to link.
              tbdl name    
              tbdl name    
              tbdl name    
              Mouse use     Beginners cheat sheet gives instructions on using mice in the various game modules.
              Names tags     Asset-name, name and username tag explanations found here.
              Notations     Beginners cheat sheet and auxiliary glossary gives Railroading expressions and terminology in the game, forums, and the real world. Alternative Railroading traditions and cultures use different terminology for the same things.
              tbdl name    
              tbdl name    
              tbdl name    
              references     TrainzMap was a utility which produced maps of Trainz Routes with many display options. It has become obsolete with the change in Map data model and architecture from TS2009 and up.
              tbdl name    
              tbdl name    
              references     Comprehensive glossary and illustration of parts of a steam locomotive.
              .texture.txt files     Annotated expanded version of N3V's [.texture.txt File page]. texture.txt file, texture.txt files support Introductory material and intermediate How-to topics.
 G            references    
              tbdl name    
              version number
aka code build number  
  The unique Software build identifying precisely which release version, Service Packs, and other software updates are installed on a computer install. All such on all versions are in the lower RHS corner of the Main menu, or in newer releases, also the Launcher menu.
References TOC notations
By Column labels indent and/or indicate:
 • 'R'=reference pages, usually data or data type article pages, Set off Parent and Child types with 'P' and 'C' when it makes sense, indent the child under 'S' and so forth.or  • 'G' for general or guidelines
 • S is an amplifying sub-topic or data sub-type (defined-D or enumerated='E "Tags") such as a container in a container, while
 • E is amplifying Examples or a sub-sub-data type, child types excluding those of config.txt INI files and it's TrainzBaseSpec should be listed under their parents in this table. If it gets cluttered, we can make a second alphabetical table later.
By enumerated types, means tag values are predefined allowed values like category-region or category-class, versus defined type tags such as category-era entries.


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See also


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