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Project Reorganization edit

The 16 standard wiki Namespaces are organized and used quite differently, and each web sites local template tools are written to swap the necessary link parts as needed.

1. Use template tools to link between all project pages excepting from Table of Contents links (which can be either)
 • both in most cases to make editing easier, but also
 • so content pages written for and debugged here can be easily be ported by simply copying them to the N3V Wiki when appropriate.

Base syntax is

{{ template-name | p1 | p2 | p3... | p-nn|p=display name override }}

2. By writing a matching (paired) template we can link pages using two different organizational structures. (e.g. so called N3V Help pages are flat organized in the Help: namespace, whilst the content reference pages entries are in the 'main:' or article namespace.

  • The p1...p-nn are 'place-holder' parameters, with the syntax: | text-value but some will have specific
    names (so are: 'Named' parameters, with the syntax: | alttitle = text-value
     • p1 is a link forming name, the TOC & Intro (Wikibooks calls this a Chapter),
     • p2 an Subject page (our chapters) and will be a default pretty-text name which is displayed.

Sometimes, even often we need three parameters or four, the last of these will default as the display name, but p=will override as a display name. (p is for pipe trick.}
2. The Wikibook is heavily based on sub-pages which are like folders in a Windows operating system, so C:\Windows\system32 is like Trainz/Project (this page).
3. Major branch-lines of the book are being initialized and populated as of April of 2014. In relative order of importance, categories which contributors/editors should be familiar with are:

Categories edit

Admin/Maintenance branch line

A hierarchy of organized categories has been established and initialized (March 2014) for both Project Administrative (pages like this) and article namespace pages that will be conformal to the TrainzOnline wiki and to easy auto-categorization of pages by Header/Footer template pairs.

  • Indentations indicate parent-child relationships

  • category:Trainz categories (root of all following)

       •   category:All Trainz categories —a list of all categories (normally a hidden category to non-editors) easing checking of categories.

       •   category:Trainz Admin—Pages like this one, guidelines, and/or help for other contributors (normally a hidden category to non-editors).

          •   category:Trainz Maintenance

             •   category:Trainz pages needing attention—parent of stubs and stub-sections

                •   category:Trainz stub pages—page is incomplete, usually just begun, PLACEHOLDER state, temporary

                •   category:Trainz stub sections—page has incomplete but outlined sections

             •   category:Trainz redirect pages—parent of sub-types and list category of redirects across main Wikibook namespaces. Redirects allow multiple titles for the same article easing searching of contents by users, so with variations on a theme redirects pages will likely, one way or another, incorporate most article pages as redirect targets. e.g. DLS, CM, Driver, as links are redirects that target full page names easing prose that links composition.

             •   category:Trainz Templates

                •   category:Trainz Templates Documentation

Chapter/Subchapter/Section/Topic Namespace

       •   Category:Book:Trainz (Visible parent category, All articles, all volumes, in main namespace)

          •   category: called it something somewhere

          •   category:Trainz assets topics -- Pages in Trainz AM&C

          •   category:Trainz content creation --

          •   category:Trainz PI -- Planned Programed Instruction Tutorials -- Trainz bootstrapping processes (how-to) tutorials soup to nuts, meant to proceed one after the other to skills build.

          •   category:Trainz reference pages -- user friendly resources, to include annotated in ENGLISH terse N3V wiki key pages. Conceptually an initial phase of theoretical  Trainz R&SG (Route and Session Guides) or diverse table materials and historic pages now outdated in  Trainz references/Appendixes

4. Trainz books restructuring in progress will be to split the book into 4-6 volumes, tentative are Trainz PI and Trainz scripting (pending writers and material).
The parenthesized links are to the template which will link to such spinoff volumes, so interleaving between volumes will involve changing the single second letter in the template (and/or possibly a number suffix to link farther down in the hierarchy.
As of the moment (18 March) having a single template reach three or four levels down is proving difficult.

  1. Trainz ({{TL}}) —Basic Trainz information and skills, including beginner how-to pages. (This volume and the main book, will have TOCs for all)
  2. Trainz content creation ({{TC}}) — What is here now, eventually from soup to nuts if we can get parties to write to elementary through advanced topics.
  3. Trainz AM&C ({{TA}}) —or [[Trainz Assets and Management] ({{TA}}) — this will cover Jntro to Trainz data structures, error-fixing, managing Trainz files, suggestions for backing up, using cdps, Windows/OS-X OpSys techniques & Do's and Don'ts, APs used with Trainz Maintenance, CDPs and file structures, archives and such, and some introductory tutorials on modifying assets (bogey swaps, reskinning, and such) to handle missing assets and similar problems locally. Also section on running multiple Trainz versions and retrograding many Trainz assets.
  4. Trainz references (TR and TG) — TG indexes into the Trainz/glossary page with the section linked by specifying the first letter of the grouping. (e.g. {{TG|S|Scripts}} will link to Trainz/glossary#S and show Scripts. The actual link is to the section "Pp to Sc".
  5. Trainz content (glops) — TENTATIVELY... TC indexes into the Trainz content creation pages like TL, TA, TC, and TR behave.
  6. Trainz scripting (Template:TS) — TENTATIVELY... TS indexes into the Trainz scripting pages like TL, TA, TC, and TR behave. Category:Trainz scripting

Expanding the wiki edit

Use {{Trainz-stub|date}} to initialize a page  

Trainz Template tools guide edit

The following echos the contents of the Admin class page: Templates, so if it looks familiar, it should. Trainz/Templates page (Bypassed 10 Jan 2015 whilst overhauling this page)