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 Mouse use

Starting oddlyEdit

The following image contains streams of control hotkeys in Driver mode.
Let's explore what is happening and why they were pressed.

A simulated CAB mode DriveEdit

With minimal repeating, this is a translation:

First row
Q= release air brakes
F= select forward (shift transmission)
W= increase throttle one notch, hence WWW=up to third notch
2nd row
A = apply initial air brakes
...= wait or delay for some period,
  • when used between A-Z, it specifically means about three counts (2-3 seconds)
Z = Toggle brakes Lap mode on. 'Lap' engages a 'air flow hold', keeping whatever partial brake pipe pressure as was built up during the '...' delay interval.
X = Throttle back (reduce throttle one notch)
A = a 2nd A key fully applies the air brakes, bringing their brake cylinders to full stopping pressure.
S = Shifter to Neutral, necessary for reversing (next)
R = Shift Transmission to Reverse, then throttle-up 2x to slow train fast
S = Shifter to Neutral, necessary for shifting
A = useless keystroke, nervous behavior; another A won't put full brakes on any faster, bur neither will it hurt.
3rd row
2 = means select exterior camera view
SA = Shifter to neutral, throttle off (0 notch), begin braking
. = quickly, immediately...
4 = select free camera view, this allows user to 'walk about' (or fly around) in the World.
...= continue counting..., then Lap brakes (Z), reverse transmission (R)
J = Switch junction ahead of Loco. JJJ is either a series of close junctions or a three way junction needing cycled to the correct divergent path.

WW = here, as after 'R' above, means increase throttle in Reverse; in this case, use the motors to slow the train quickly!

E = Toggle (on/off) independent Locomotive brakes—these act very quickly compared to the main braking system.
translation: "...X...EXEFQWW" means slow, but not as hard, loco-brakes on, remove throttle, loco brake off, shift to forwards, release main brakes, throttle-up, throttle-up.

Given the preceding RRR toggling, this is a likely sequence for abruptly slowing while navigating first a junction (merge or diverge) then a cross-over (two jcts connecting two parallel tracks) so the cars swerving through the resultant 'S-curve' don't go out of control.

4th row
B = ring Bell toggle
K = A typo, was likely supposed to be J, switch junction, for is not a standard Driver hotkey.
2------------4 = imply passing a junction, getting 'off the train loco' and waiting for the last car to pass,
since [CTRL-J] = toggle junction BEHIND train (contrast with J above) follows right after, accompanied by a shift to Forwards and throttle-up again.