Dad ‘n Me Walkthrough

Dad ‘n Me is an indie 2D side-scroller Beat ‘em up game published on Newgrounds. It is very famous and has won an award at the Independent Games Festival in 2006. In the game you play as a small purple creature whose father, a large purple creature takes to the park to beat up kids. Some of the kids fight back but many of them don’t. The father only appears in 2 cutscenes - once at the beginning of the game and once at the end. The game is short and only consists of one level.

Part 1 - Marcus and the sandcastleEdit

In this part there’s just one kid by the name of Marcus making a sandcastle. You can walk using the arrow keys but not using WASD. You can use A and S to punch. If you walk over the sandcastle it will get destroyed, and Marcus stars crying. If you walk into the kid you can pick him up and after you finish beating him up you can continue to the next part.

Part 2 - The bully WilburEdit

In this part there are a few innocent kids who will only run away from you and a big bully by the name of Wilbur. Wilbur will try to attack you and has much more hp than the other kids. There also explosive barrels that can be thrown on him. Since there’s no way to regain hp, you want to lose as little health as possible especially this early on in the game. The innocent kids names are Tommy, Danny, and Randy though Wilbur will most likely kill Randy before the player has a chance to do anything. You can also pick up one of the explosives for use later.

Part 3 - the swingEdit

This part is less interesting. There are three innocent kids that you can pick up and have to beat up in order to pass. One of them starts on a swing. They won’t fight back and will only try to run away. The boy on the swing is Chuck. The other 2 boys are Zap and Ronald.

Part 4 - the soccer matchEdit

This part is a bit more interesting since you are introduced to a new item that can be kept theoretically throughout the entire game - a soccer ball. In this level Nate, Jared, Wade, and and Jose The soccer players will ignore the fact that you are beating up their friends and continue playing as if nothing happened. If the ball enters a gate the score on the background is updated. You can score goals yourself. It’s recommended that you keep the ball because if you hit someone with it he will lose hp.

Part 5- scouts and a highwayEdit

In this part you will see scouts near a highway. The scouts names are: Harry, Robbie, Joey, and Winston. You can kick on them the soccer ball you just recently got, you can throw them in front of vehicles, and you can punch them. After you finish this part you can proceed to the next part.

Part 6 - on the other side of the highwayEdit

On the other side of the highway you will find some more kids. Most of them are passive (will not attack and will run if being attacked), however one of them will shoot arrows at you. It’s recommended to attack him first with the soccer ball and by pushing him on the road. Then you can attack the rest. The aggressive kid is James.

Part 7 - basketball matchEdit

In this part you are introduced to a new item - a basketball. There are several kids playing basketball and you have to beat all of them up in order to proceed to the next level. You can keep the basketball with you and it’s highly recommended that you do.

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