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The British exam board Edexcel offers BTEC Nationals in Applied Science. There is as yet no textbook published. This is an attempt to rectify the matter.

Please contribute any material you want. This is a multi-author, open project; but you can contact Ewen if there is anything you would like to add but you are not sure how to do it, or if you have any suggestions.

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19.1 Measuring sulphate concentration.
19.2 Measuring copper content of brass.
19.3 Measuring manganese content of steel.
19.4 Measuring calcium concentration by titration.
19.5 Measuring iron concentration by colorimetry.
19.6 Case studies
19.6.1 Morriston Hospital, Swansea
19.6.2 Anchem Laboratories, Neath
22.1 Qualitative analysis of inorganic substances.
22.2 Qualitative analysis of organic substances.
22.3 Measuring the iron content of iron tablets.
22.4 Extracting plasticisers from PVC.
22.5 Extracting caffeine from tea.
22.6 Synthesis of ethanal by oxidation.
22.7 Synthesis of benzoic acid by oxidation.
22.8 Synthesis of aspirin by esterification.
22.9 Synthesis of ethyl ethanoate by esterification.
22.10Preparation of Kastle-Meyer test reagent.
22.11 Extraction and presumptive testing of cocaine.
22.12 Synthesis and analysis of iron (II) ethanedioate.

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