Applied Science BTEC Nationals/Microbiological Techniques


On completion of this unit a learner should:

1. Be able to identify the characteristic features and functions of akaryotes, prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
2. Be able to use aseptic techniques to culture micro-organisms
3. Be able to determine the factors that influence the growth of micro-organisms
4. Know how to identify micro-organisms.


Edexcel recommend the following resources.


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Taylor J — Microorganisms and Biotechnology (Bath Advanced Science Series) (Nelson Thornes Ltd, 2001) ISBN 0174482558

Tortora G J, Funke B R and Case C L — Microbiology: An Introduction (Benjamin Cummings, 2005) ISBN 0805377522


Biological Science Review

Microbiology Today

New Scientist


‘Cells Alive’ by Quill Graphics

Maricopa Online Biology textbook.

‘Molecular Expressions’ Virtual Microscopy

Nikon Microscopy Digital Movie Gallery

Society of General Microbiology