The Future of Leadership

Leadership is a dynamic topic, always adapting to the changing nature of the world of work. However, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and in the midst of trends such as "the great resignation," "quiet quitting," increasing reliance on remote and hybrid work, and the changing nature of the psychological contract between organizations and their workers, the future of work demands more from leaders than ever before.

This book, written by the members of an elective course, The Future of Leadership, in the College of Business at Idaho State University, is a compendium of resources and advice from some of the latest thinking about the future of work. Particularly appropriate to the spirit of Wikibook, the format of this book is as dynamic as the topic it covers. We hope that you enjoy reading this work - and please recommend it to friends and colleagues who are seeking to make sense of the future of leadership.

Table of Contents edit

  1. Introduction
  2. Employee Retention in the Future of Work
  3. Engagement Strategies in the Future of Work
  4. Hybrid Teams
  5. Mitigating Quiet Quitting
  6. Job Crafting
  7. Great Resignation
  8. Pay Equity in a Job-Seeker's Market
  9. 32-Hour Workweek
  10. Artificial Intelligence in Organizations
  11. Cross-Cultural Communication and Leading Global Teams
  12. Leading Boomerang Employees
  13. Understanding the Nature of Deepfakes
  14. Next Generation of Workers