Allies vs. Axis v1.0

This wikibook is a Gameplay Manual and Rule Book for the Allies vs. Axis board game.

Allies vs. Axis is a strategy board game depicts World War 2 inspired from the Monopoly board game. Currently it's only available for iPad.

What is Allies vs. Axis edit

Allies vs. Axis depicts WW2 as 2-player Monopoly-like board game. Players choose either Allies or Axis to start the game, the ultimate goal is to defeat the opponent by invading all his/her territories (Conqueror Mode) or just invade his/her main land (Sudden Death Mode).

Game Asset edit

Game Board edit

Allies vs. Axis game board

The Allies vs. Axis board consists of thirty-six (36) spaces containing:

- Twenty-four territories (territories or countries)

- Three Fortune spaces (four-leaf clover space)

- Three Strategy spaces (golden star space)

- Four Secret territories spaces (at 5th, 14th, 23rd and 32nd space as Britain space is 1st space) and

- Two Special territories spaces (Japan at top left & US at bottom right spaces).

Secret territories can not be invaded by army.

Special territories are natural allies to its side, US to Allies & Japan to Axis.

Spinner edit

Spinner represents a six-side dice. Players spin the spinner to get a number of spaces they would move.

Profile edit

Allies vs. Axis Profile

Each player has his/her own profile, display currently owned resources, number of owned territories & support resources.

Resources edit

There are 5 resources in Allies v.s Axis: money, infantry, tank, aircraft & battleship.

- Money: All countries/territories provide cash, just more or less. Money symbol is displayed as $M (which might mean Millions).

Money can be used for signing peace treaty or recruit army.

- Infantry: All countries/territories provide infantry, infantry is used for invading territories or defending territories.

For invading neutral territories, only infantry is used.

- Tank: Some countries provide tanks. Tanks are used to invade or defend territories.

- Aircraft: Several countries can produce aircraft. Aircraft is used to invade or defend territories.

- Battleship: A few countries can make battleship. Battleship can only be used in some territories that has seaport, in territories which has no seaport, battleships are not involved.

Every country/territory owned by player (including Secret Territory, Special Territory) will provide resources for that player each turn; at the beginning of each turn. Player does not need to land on them to collect resources.

All resources providing by owning territories are accumulated in the second part of the Profile.

Game Mode edit

There are 4 game modes:

- Normal mode: Allies start with Britain & France, Axis starts with Germany & Italy. Resource normal, Penalty rate normal, chance for drawing good fortune/strategy cards (Luck) normal.

- Les Misérable: Allies start with Britain, Axis start with Germany. Resource depleted, Penalty rate normal, Luck higher than Normal Mode.

- Fierce Battles: Allies start with Britain & France, Axis starts with Germany & Italy. Resource normal, Penalty rate high, Luck high.

- W/o Italian: Allies start with Britain & US, Axis starts with Germany & Japan. Resource normal, Penalty rate moderate, Luck high.

Normal mode is available at beginning. Players need to defeat battleship AI to unlock next game mode.

Game End edit

There are 2 main game end conditions and 1 optional condition.

- 1st main End Condition: either Conqueror (1 player lost all territories) or Sudden Death (1 player lost main country, Britain or Germany).

- 2nd main End Condition: either 3 or 5 times be imprisoned by opponent.

- Optional End Condition: either after 100 turns or 300 turns.

AI edit

When Player plays with AI, there are 3 options:

- Tank AI: easy AI player, this AI tends to build strong defend countries.

- Aircraft AI: moderate AI player, this AI tends to build moderate defend countries, try to invade more countries.

- Battleship AI: hard AI player, this AI starts the game with some advantages, having either extra money or extra army or a nuclear bomb.

Player needs to beat a Battleship AI to unlock new game mode.

Official Rules edit

Preparation edit

To begin, each player selects a side, Allies or Axis, and then select a token. There are 6 tokens for Allies & 6 tokens for Axis. Players place their tokens in Start place on the board, Allies start at Britain space, Axis starts at Germany space.

General Rules edit

Each player, in turn, spins a spinner and then moves forward (clockwise around the board) the number of spaces indicated by the spinner.

Allies vs. Axis strategic move decision

After landing on the space, if player has enough cash, he would have a chance to buy a strategic move. He/she will have 3 seconds to decide to buy which strategic move. There are 4 possible strategic moves:

- Advance 1 step: cost $M 1000 + (number of times used strategic move x $M 1000)

- Step back 1 step: same as advance 1 step.

- Advance 2 steps: double cost of advance 1 step.

- Step back 2 steps: double cost of advance 1 step.

See Strategic Move Cost



Action taken when landing on a space as below.

Neutral Countries/Territories edit

Allies vs. Axis invade neutral country

When player lands on a neutral territory, which do not to Allies or Axis, player has 2 choices, either to Invade it or Sign a Treaty.

- Invade: player can only invade neutral countries/territories by Infantry. Other army are not allowed to use.

- Sign a Treaty: this non-smoke option may be cheap as first, but the cost of peace treaty will change.

See Sign Treaty Cost.

After owning the territory, player can build defend army. See Defend Countries/Territories

Neutral Secret Territories edit

When player lands on an neutral secret territories, the cost for setup a base is fixed as $M 500.

Players do not have to build defend army on Secret Territories.

Neutral Special Territories edit

Special Territories are natural allies to player's side. Allies player can ally with US while Axis player can only ally with Japan. Player can't change that if they don't have a special strategy cards. The cost for special alliance is fixed as $M 2000.

Players do not have to build defend army on Special Territories.

Allied/Owned Countries/Territories edit

Player can build defend army. See Defend Countries/Territories

Hostile Countries/Territories edit

Countries/Territories owned by the other side are hostile Countries/Territories. Player lands on hostile land will receive a penalty to his/her army. The penalty cost = Territory's defend power x penalty rate.

Penalty rate varies in different game mode. In normal mode, penalty rate is 30%, in Fierce Battles Mode, penalty rate is 50% which is really fierce.

See Penalty Cost

Player can invade hostile countries/territories. See Invade Hostile Countries/Territories

Fortune Place edit

If player lands on Fortune space, he/she takes a Fortune cards. All fortune cards go into effect immediately.

Strategy Place edit

If player lands on Strategy space, he/she takes a Strategy cards. Most Strategy cards can be kept for later use.

Other Rules edit

Collect Resource edit

Resource are collected at the beginning of a turn, before player spin the spinner. Collected resources are from player's owned territories.

Defend Countries/Territories edit

Player can build defend army for a country/territory only when he/she lands on it. Player moves owned infantry, tanks, aircraft & battleship to country/territory. Battleships can only be moved into seaport-available country/territory.

Player can not build defend army before spinning the spinner, moving the token; this prevent player from doing an action twice, build defend army in previous turn and current turn.


Allies vs. Axis defend country

Recruit Army edit

Player can only recruit army after his/her token moving & landing on a space.

Below is army units data:

Army Units Comparison
Unit Cost Power Defend Support (*) Max Unit Recruit Each Turn
Infantry $M 50 1 +1 24
Tank $M 140 3 +1 16
Aircraft $M 220 5 +1 10
Battleship $M 300 7 0 6
* Add power to stronger units.

1 infantry will add 1 power to tank, 1 to aircraft and 1 to battleship

1 tank will add 1 power to aircraft, 1 to battleship

1 aircraft will add 1 power to battleship

Player taps on recruitment poster to recruit army.

Recruitment Screenshot:

Allies vs. Axis recruitment

Invade Hostile Countries/Territories edit

Allies vs. Axis invade hostile country

Player can invade hostile Countries/Territories by selecting an amount of army to invade. Player can only start invade when invade army power is more than or equal defend power. All invade army will be lost.

See Invade Power and Defend Power.

Invade Secret Territories edit

Secret territories such as Neutral Bank, Foreign Legion, Secret Airbase, Underground Factory can not be invaded by army. They are safe from normal attacking because they are secret.

The only way to destroy enemy secret base is owning an Espionage card from Strategy Card Deck. There are only 4 Espionage cards per game.

How to use cards, read Strategic Cards.

Jail edit

When player lands on a strong hostile territories and was lost all available army, player is put in jail. To escape, player has to pay a ransom fee or stay in jail till paying ransom. See Ransom Cost.

End Turn edit

The turn ends and other player will start.

Cards edit

Allies vs. Axis strategy & fortune cards

Fortune Cards edit

All fortune cards go into effect immediately, player lands on Fortune place to draw a card.

Strategic Cards edit

Players lands on Strategic Place to draw a strategic card. Some strategic cards might be kept for later use. Some strategic cards such as Battle of Britain, Pearl Harbor affect on countries/territories, some strategic cards affect on player such as Siege of Leningrad, some affect Secret Base & Special territories.

Example of using a strategic card:

Player owns a Espionage card that can destroy enemy secret base. He would have that card in the bottom-right corner below recruitment poster.

When player lands on a Secret Territory own by opponent, tap on small card, a big picture of the card will be displayed with a use button. Tap on Use button to destroy the secret base. Once the base is destroyed, the territory become neutral, player can build his/her own secret base on that.

Math/Calculation edit

Invade Power edit

Invade power = Number of selected infantry + tank x 3 + aircraft x 5 + battleship x 7

Ex: selected invade army is 1 infantry, 1 tanks, 1 aircraft, 1 battleship; invade power = 1 + 1x3 + 1x5 + 1x7 = 16

Defend Power edit

Defend power = Number of defend infantry + tank x 3 + aircraft x 5 + battleship x 7 + infantry support power + tank support power + aircraft support power

Infantry support power: 1 infantry will support (support means add 1 to power) 1 tank, 1 aircraft, 1 battleship.

Tank support power: 1 tank will support 1 aircraft, 1 battleship.

Aircraft support power: 1 aircraft will suport 1 battleship

Battleship is the strongest army, it support no other units.

Ex: defend army is 1 infantry, 1 tanks, 1 aircraft, 1 battleship; defend power = 1 + 1x3 + 1x5 + 1x7 + (1+1+1) + (1+1) + (1) = 22

Sign Treaty Cost edit

Sign Treaty Cost = Defend Power x [$M 20 + ($M 10 x number times signing peace treaty before)]

Ex: Defend Power of Albania when Neutral is 10. If player has never sign treaty any elsewhere before, the treaty cost is:

Albania Treaty Cost = 10 x [$M 20 + ($M 10 x 0)] = $M 200.

If player has signed treaty with Norway, for example, the cost for signing Albania's treaty is:

Albania Treaty Cost = 10 x [$M 20 + ($M 10 x 1)] = $M 300.

Penalty Cost edit

Penalty cost = defend power x penalty rate

Depend on Game mode, penalty rate varies from 30% to 50%.

For example, game mode is Normal, penalty rate is 30%.

Defend power of Albania is 300, when opponent lands on it, he/she will lose an amount of army equal to 90 power;

And it's round up calculation, meaning if he has 89 infantry and 1 tank, total power is 89 + 1x3 = 92; however he will lose all that for a 90 power penalty cost because half a tank left does not count as a tank.

Strategic Move Cost edit

1 step Strategic Move cost = $M 1000 x (number of times using strategic move + 1)

2 steps strategic move cost = 2 x 1 step Strategic Move cost

The cost for strategic cost will as follow: 1 step (forward or backward) strategy move will cost:

1st time = $M 1000; 2nd time = $M 2000; 3rd time = $M 3000 ... and so on.

2 steps (forward or backward) strategy move will cost:

1st time = $M 2000; 2nd time = $M 4000; 3rd time = $M 6000 ... and so on.

Anytime player chooses a move, it will count +1 time.

Ransom Cost edit

Ransom cost = $M 2000 x number of times put in jail

The cost for ransom will be as follow:

1st time = $M 2000; 2nd time = $M 4000; 3rd time = $M 6000... and so on.

Ransom money will pay directly to your opponent.

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