Attention: While this is a book or tutorial about mapping and level design in GtkRadiant, which should be similar for all games that use the id tech 3 or id tech 4 engines, there are still differences like what textures or models are available etc. etc. Some games also have custom features which may not work with other games. This book uses GtkRadiant to map for the game Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy so if you are following this book, but using a different game, the textures or models in the examples may not be available, which means that you have to use something different.

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If you don't understand something in this book, for example a word or a procedure, or simply need any other help using this program, just write about it on this book's talk page. I will then add the thing you don't understand, either as word to the glossary, or if it's error messages, I will add a Error messages section where I will list the messages that people report and solutions to them.

If you don't get an answer there, try contacting one of the authors of this book ("Yzmo" or "Darth NormaN") on a Jedi Academy related mapping forum.

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If you know a bit about mapping, which isn't covered yet, you can help this book by writing about it. In case you don't know what to write about, just go for one of the red links.