Patch MeshesEdit

Patch Meshes are simple polygon meshes that are 0 units high. The front side is visible and solid, the backside is not, allowing the player to go through it from one side only. They consist of vertices, e.g. you have to use the vertex editor (V) to edit and manipulate them. To create a patch you have to create a brush first. Then press SHIFT+P and the brush side you are looking at in the 2D window, will turn into a 3x3 patched mesh.


Caps & BevelsEdit

Editing Patches/Curved ObjectsEdit

With "Curve → Insert/Delete" you can add or remove columns or rows to a selected patch, cylinder, cap or bevel.

Press V to move vertices around.

Use SHIFT+LMB to select more than one vertex.

Press CTRL+I to invert front side and backside.

Press CTRL+C to add a cap to bevels and cylinders.


  • sprites, flares
  • wires, cables, pipes
  • arches
  • round corners
  • railings
  • ...