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Investigating Critical & Contemporary Issues in Education

Education has long been a topic of debate. The world's greatest thinkers continue to revolutionize methods to create a better generation. But every time a seemingly flawless method is devised, a later and greater thinker proves it to be complete nonsense. The philosopher Freidrich William Neitzche comments that, "Philosophical systems are wholly true only for their founders. For all subsequent philosophers they usually seem one great mistake..."


Timothy Goodale Ph.D

Unit 1: Current Student Related ChallengesEdit

Chapter 1: Student Academic Performance
Chapter 2: Racial Imbalances
Chapter 3: Challenges of Poverty
Chapter 4: Gender Bias
Chapter 5: Parental Involvement
Chapter 6: Mobility
Chapter 7: Drugs & Violence

Unit 2: Current Teacher Related ChallengesEdit

Unit 3: Current School, State and National Related ChallengesEdit