Fire on the Limestone Plains

The first recorded visit to the area known as the Limestone Plains was by Charles Throsby Smith, Joseph Wild and James Vaughan in 1820, with Joshua John Moore the first European landowner in the area.[1]


Burning out Cotter Road December 1998

Bush Fires

Bush Fire Brigades

Interstate and Overseas Deployments

Fire Towers

Bush Fire Organisation’s

Bush Fire Legislation

Inquiries and Reviews


  • Appendix A Report for Forester on the fire of January 14 L. D. Pryor 23.1.39.
  • Appendix B January 1939 Bushfires Overall Report L. D. Pryor
  • Appendix C BUSH FIRE REPORT January 1939 C.R. Cole. Forester, 6/2/39.


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