This book will become a general database of known card games.

Each card game should have a full set of rules to accompany it on its own article page.

The goal of this book is to generate the most comprehensive card game library ever created. As card games have little to no official rules and are very often regional this will require a lot of help from the community.

Card games listed here do not need to be "official" in any way. If you have a great card game that you can accurately recite the rules for, please by all means create a page and document it! The same goes for if you find that a game is not listed here, please either add a note in the discussion or create the page yourself. As many card games are simply regional variants of each other, you may find it easier to add a variation tab to already existing games.

Card games that use atypical decks such as CCGs, Hanafuda or chess cards are also welcome, just be sure to note if they do.

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