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These books are considered complete, though improvements can still be made and it may be necessary to revise them in the future.

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Pages in category "Completed books"

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  1. Till Eulenspiegel's funny Series
  2. Computation of an acoustic Transmissionline
  3. The cave painting in Magura Cave
  4. Pythagoras in the Forge
  5. Programming in LOLGraphics 3.4
  6. Proto-Turkic
  7. Lewis Carroll
  8. United States Constitution
  9. Salute, Jonathan!
  10. Baroque Macedonia and the Macedonian Revolts
  1. End-user Computer Security
  2. Organic Business Guide
  3. The cave painting in Magura Cave
  4. Computation of an acoustic Transmissionline
  5. Pythagoras in the Forge
  6. Salute, Jonathan!
  7. Till Eulenspiegel's funny Series
  8. Electromagnetic radiation
  9. Color Models: RGB, HSV, HSL
  10. Interesting social sciences

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