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These books are considered complete, though improvements can still be made and it may be necessary to revise them in the future.

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  2. Visual physics and mathematics
  3. Mixed Real World Math Problems
  4. Calculus of Variations
  5. Integrating Technology In K12
  6. Tidbits in Tech: Integration in Education
  7. Technology Integration In K12 Education
  8. A Little C Primer
  9. 3D Printing
  10. History of video games
  1. European History
  2. Human Physiology
  3. Creating a Simple 3D Game with XNA
  4. Professionalism
  5. End-user Computer Security
  6. New Zealand History
  7. How To Assemble A Desktop PC
  8. Computer network technologies and services
  9. E-Commerce and E-Business
  10. Zine Making

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