About this book edit


Target group for this book are readers of any level of professionalism who plan or prepare a kitchen installation or kitchen remodel, no matter of scale or scope. Since the example is taken from California, some of the suggestions are probably the most applicable for readers in North America or Mexico, but the bulk of them may apply to many other countries as well.

This book is a guide to kitchen remodel projects which include:

  • changes of floor plan and of electrical and water installations
  • choice of appliances and of cabinets
  • kitchen design
  • kitchen installation (DIY)
  • kitchen lighting
  • tile work

Since I cannot cover those topics to the degree of a regular handbook, I am telling specifically the story of my own recent kitchen remodel, into which I put a lot of thought and research. The sheer amount of information that I had gathered throughout this process was so large that it would have been a pity not to write it down in order to make it accessible for others.

About the author edit

I'd like to point out that I am not an architect or kitchen designer, only a somehow resourceful and keenly interested amateur who went through the process of a kitchen remodel twice in only a few years. The first time, I relied on the work of a professional kitchen designer. The result was that I liked the outcome, but over time I figured that I could have done much, much better if I had been more involved in the creative process. Luckily, I got a second chance when we moved into a new home and decided to have a kitchen remodel once more.

As I am not a native speaker of English, my writing is probably satiated with spelling errors and awkward phrasing. Everyone is welcome to help me out there.