Integrating Technology In K12

This Wikibook will be created by students (9:40 am - 11:10 am) in EDL 325 Instructional Technology at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh for 2010 Fall semester.

Chapter Author
Chapter 1. Opening the Door to Technology in the Classroom Nicole, Jenni, & Monica
Chapter 2. Integrating Technology in the Elementary Classroom Alyssa, Ashley, & Cassie
Chapter 3. Advantages of Technology in the Elementary Classroom Katelyn, Amanda, & Mallory
Chapter 4. Using Blogs in the Classroom Laura, Amanda, & Vanessa
Chapter 5. Textbooks vs. iPad Amy, Zach, & Lyndsay
Chapter 6. Adaptive Technology Alex, Kristin, & Sarah
Chapter 7. SmartBoards in a Language Arts Classroom Jess, Catie, & Alex
Chapter 8. SmartBoards in a Classroom Kelsey & Margaret
Chapter 9. 21st Century Classrooms Saige & Jenny