The textbook is an author's training manual on one of the types of independent tourism for familiarization with the theory of long intercontinental voyages at minimal cost.

Russian backpacking is harsh and merciless
Hobo tourism
Methodical manual on the theory and practice of long-term low-budget travel

The concept under consideration—Hobo tourism (Russian: Бомж-туризм) also Bum tourism, Vagabond tourism, Tramp tourism; harsh backpacking or Russian backpacking is a format of long trips a-la homeless people life.

The origin of the term is based on a combination of the Russian words "бомж" and "туризм" However term should not be taken literally— homeless + tourism ("voyage of a homeless person"): people who do not have housing don’t travel the planet. The choice of a phrase so strange at first glance as a name explained by the fact that the existence of a traveler (or an independent tourist) following these postulates for some time becomes similar to the life of a homeless person wandering around the world.

Anyone who is annoyed by the word displayed in the title, don’t advise to continue reading: it is unlikely that the technique will appeal to you, since the content fully corresponds to the title. This is a typical Russian method; the alternative to it is the well-known (pro-Western method) backpacking.

The textbook describes a practical approach, supplementing the text part with an abundance of illustrations, sometimes videos; and also contains the category "Optional material", which presents real events as an example and Russian-language literature on the topic. It is not necessary to read the "elective", in particular, for those users who prefer to act independently.

The creator of textbook is Russian traveller Viktor Pinchuk.



Introduction: Long intercontinental trips and expeditions

Overnight stays in long intercontinental journeys
In the flophouse (dosshouse)
In Aboriginal dwellings
In abandoned buildings
In the company of homeless people
In a public toilet
At the police station
In halls and stairwells
At the cemetery
In the ancient pyramid
On objects under construction
Under the open sky
In hostels

Ways of moving: Transport

What to take with you: Equipment

Tips for self-sufficiency in food: Food

Who chose this method: Subject of hobo tourism

For additional information:

Survival practice in extreme conditions (specific examples):

Visiting Death (about traveler involuntarily staying in an uninhabited territory)
One day in an Afghan prison
African Robbery
Tropical fever in the bum tour

Routes traveled by the author:

First creative trip to Africa
Creative trip to India
Creative trip to Mongolia
The second creative trip to Africa
Afghan Expedition
Third creative trip to Africa
Bum tour of winter Japan
Expedition to Papua New Guinea
Latin American expedition
Solo expedition to Africa (2017/18)
Expedition to the islands of Oceania

Travel literature in the bum tour format (in Russian):

Third African trip
Japan for free
Six months by islands... and countries
Mongolian huyvaldagch
Two hundred days in Latin America
Afghan prisoner
Holiday of wandering mzungu
Two months of wandering and 14 days behind bars
Indian dreams

Some tips for spending high-days (and examples from practice):

How to celebrate the New Year in bum tours

Author's TV project, recommended for viewing with the purpose of additional familiarization with the topic (in Russian):

Around the world with empty pockets

See also

  • Cultural travel is a type of wandering around the planet that partially overlaps with the basic principles of hobo tourism.