Japan for free (ru. Япония даром) — a book by the Russian traveler Viktor Pinchuk, who visited several continents, practicing non-standard methods.

Обложка издания

The booklet, in the genre of travel memoirs recounts a two-week bum tour through January Japan, detailing the author's adventures: moving around the country using the kiseru method, the first tried option of sleeping in a cemetery, the usual ways of international bum for staying overnight in halls and stairwells, staying at homes with locals as well as in Tokyo police, where the author found himself late at night, not anticipating such a turn of events.

General information

  • Year of publication: 2016.
  • Number of pages: 31.
  • Illustrations: the author.
  • Color of illustrations: black and white.
  • Language of publication: Russian.
  • Genre: travel essays, road adventures.
  • Topics: country studies.
  • Continents: Asia.
  • Style: artistic publicism.
  • Designed: for a wide range of readers.
  • Where published: Simferopol.
  • Additional data: ISBN 978-5-9908234-1-9.



... packed in the backpack a rusks and rolled oats, I sat down on the carpet in accordance with the oriental tradition (furniture is in short supply in Asia, so people sit on the floor) and stepping out into the yard, confidently walked forward: towards difficulties, street sleepovers, winter cold and other things, without which human life is like the existence of a mole.

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