The acticle, which complements the main material on the topic, briefly explains the meaning of the title, which allows each reader to decide whether he wants to see himself as such by joining the few ranks of hobo tourism supporters.

Subject of hobo tourism (ru:международный бомж)
(photo from newspaper article «Бродяга в Хашимитском королевстве»)

Subject of hobo tourism aka international bum (ru: международный бомж, бомж-турист, бомж международного класса) — traveler, using informal methods wanderings the world.

It’s a lifestyle where, for a certain period of time, you transform into another person, you move from country to country, don’t know what’s coming. Whoever chooses this path must for a while forget about comfort and be prepared for a few months of difficult, sometimes exhausting life of a vagrant, who crosses many state borders during one trip. The camping mat replaces the bed; the lake, the river or the faucet in the stall of the station toilet — the shower; and during the night in the open air you can get under the rain. In addition to the above, you need to be prepared for tropical fever and do not exclude the possibility of robbery by native gopniks and other criminal personalities.

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