Two months of wandering and 14 days behind bars

Two months of wandering and 14 days behind bars (ru.Два месяца странствий и 14 дней за решёткой) is a book by the Russian traveler Viktor Pinchuk, who traveled several continents, practicing the methods of hobo tourism.

Edition cover

A literary work in the genre of travel essays describes the author’s solo expedition, the route of which included South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga and Samoa, and 20 islands belonging to those countries. The book describes the attractions of the visited places, road adventures, the methods used — |open-air overnight, as well as with the Aborigines, in the cemetery and in other extravagant places, spontaneously prompted by fantasy.

For ordinary readers, as well as geographers and ethnologists, the chapter may be interesting about small village of Bunlap, located on Island of Pentecost, where the native people, without knowing it, "built" some model of communism.

General information

  • Year of publication: 2020.
  • Number of pages: 116.
  • Illustrations: the author.
  • Color of illustrations: black and white.
  • Language of publication: Russian.
  • Genre: journalism, travel essays.
  • Topics: country studies.
  • Continents: Asia, Oceania.
  • Style: artistic publicism.
  • Designed: for a wide range of readers.
  • Where published: Simferopol.
  • Additional data: ISBN 978-5-9909912-5-5.



The tiny states of Oceania, where foreign tourists set foot reluctantly and extremely rarely, have always attracted me with picturesque exoticism and the absence of civilization. Going to conquer the islands, chose four Asian countries for the "springboard" and, as a true traveler, bought a one-way ticket. It was this fact that played a cruel joke.

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