Six months by islands... and countries

Six months by islands... and countries (ru. Полгода по островам… и странам) — a book by the Russian traveler Viktor Pinchuk, who traveled around several continents, practicing the methods of hobo tourism.

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A literary work in the genre of travel essays describes the author's six-month solo expedition that included nine exotic countries: Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, China, Hong Kong, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. The dominant feature of the project was a visit to the provincial areas of PNG, where the Aborigines do not often see white people and where they met a Russian for the first time. An unexpected dengue fever contagion slightly disrupted plans, and overnight stays in police stations, abandoned ruins, the open air and in the company of native homeless people are trifles for the experienced wanderer.

General information edit

  • Year of publication: 2016.
  • Number of pages: 216.
  • Illustrations: the author.
  • Color of illustrations: black and white.
  • Language of publication: Russian.
  • Genre: journalism, travel essays, road adventures.
  • Topics: country studies.
  • Continents: Asia, Oceania.
  • Style: artistic publicism.
  • Designed: for a wide range of readers.
  • Where published: Simferopol.
  • Additional data: ISBN 978-5-9908234-0-2.

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Will share the secrets of my street sleepovers. If you get into an unfamiliar city, can stay anywhere, even on the central avenue under the walls of buildings, but on one condition: you need to deploy after midnight, and leave before six in the morning. At six, the first passerby may appear, probably suffering from insomnia, in half an hour there will be several of them, and closer to seven — a lot.

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