Mongolian huyvaldagch (ru. Монгольский хуйвалдагч) is a book by the Russian traveler Viktor Pinchuk, who has traveled several continents, practicing non-standard methods.

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The literary work in the genre of travel notes tells about the author’s two-week trip to Mongolia, which can be described as "Cultural travel": the goal of the project was to study the way of life and traditions not very clear to us, in the past powerful, cruel and merciless people, as well as some linguistic features of the Mongolian language.

General information edit

  • Year of publication: 2017.
  • Number of pages: 40.
  • Illustrations: the author.
  • Color of illustrations: black and white.
  • Language of publication: Russian.
  • Genre: journalism, travel essays.
  • Topics: regional geography.
  • Continents: Asia.
  • Style: artistic publicism.
  • Designed: for a wide range of readers.
  • Where published: Simferopol.
  • Additional data: ISBN 978-5-9909912-1-7.

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As for the inhabitants of the once formidable empire, it is easy to learn a certain number of their words for the Russian-speaking, because in the Mongolian language, we often find a well-known word that at first slightly cuts the hearing. However, not so devile: in the homeland of Genghis Khan, the combination of three letters does not act as an obscenity, but as a root, forming a multitude of words for different purposes. One should not be surprised by such a phenomenon: because it is the invasions of the Mongol horde that have enriched" our speech with this vocabulary.

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