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One day in an Afghan prison — an incident that occurred with Russian traveler Viktor Pinchuk while in Kabul on 15 October 2008.

Photo from the book "Afghan prisoner"

On the evening of the above-mentioned date, the subject of the incident left Mehmunsaray, located in the Kote Sangi district on the outskirts of the Afghan capital, to buy fresh flatbread for dinner, but did not have time to perform the intended, since was stopped by the policemen from the nearest checkpoint, that asked the foreigner to show his ID. After checking the passport, the paramilitary police tell the opponent to return to his residence, which meant for Russian guest will lose dinner. After hearing a negative answer, one of the policemen of the order seated the detainee in a passing taxi and drove him to the nearest station, where after a brief interrogation (in the format of an interview) he was transferred to the place of deprivation of liberty, having first placed him in a three-seat cell, where an Afghan old man was held, and then they isolated in a separat tiny cell by evicting two of the inhabitants.

The next morning, when the authorities came to examine the case and did not find any criminal activity in the detainee’s actions, they make decided to release him, which was done in the afternoon after checking the contents of the seized photocamera.

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  • Scene: Kabul City.
  • Date of detention: 15 September 2008, approximately 19 hours.
  • Date of release: 16 September 2008, approximately 17 hours.
  • Time of stay in place of detention: about 20 hours.
  • Food: tea and bread; rice.
  • Method of overnight: bunks.

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