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This article of the textbook is of a theoretical nature, due to the narrow possibilities of applying the method described below.

Russian traveler Viktor Pinchuk have a rest in the pyramid (Kingdom of Kush, Sudan)

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Ancient pyramid-like structures are found in many countries of the world: Indonesian Borobudur ; numerous creations of Maya civilization, preserved in the territory of present Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador; some of the Khmer temples of Cambodia, etc. The classic version, in the most used sense of the word, is in Egypt and Sudan.

The Egyptian pyramids are too large; the conventionally called burial chamber is located deep underground, which creates inconvenience for use as a place of the rest for hobo tourists, besides this, entrances to the majority of "last refuges" of pharaohs are сlosed and guarded.

This is not the case with the Sudanese pyramids: they are much smaller and have a kind of "front door" — small rectangular annex, a room-corridor leading to nowhere. The pyramids of Sudan are not tombs, but rather monuments to the deceased grandees of the ancient kingdom — some historians and researchers are inclined to this version.

Which pyramid to stay in? edit

Not all pyramids in the Sudan are suitable for rest and sleep: most of them are destroyed by time. If you drive from the border with Egypt towards Khartoum — on both sides of the road there are dozens of pyramid-like structures: on the left — fenced space, where an entrance ticket is required, on the right — objects are not guarded, the passage to them is open. Choosing one of the surviving "tombs", you can lay down in it and relax, following the example of the author this article (see photo). It is preferable to use an ancient building for daytime recreation, when the outside is very hot, but you can also settle down here for the night.

Meals and equipment edit

It should be remembered that the pyramids are in the desert, where it is impossible to find any food. Therefore, if you plan to stay here for more than one day, should stock up on products in advance.

The equipment used is a standard set of hobo tourists.

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